On Demand is a joke.

Since Spectrum discontinued the service of having secondary DVRs that can broadcast programming from the primary box (a service that was always sketchy), I was talked into switching to using the On Demand instead. If it was just as good and definitely cheaper then why not?

Well, besides the fact that means having to sit through all of the commercials (no FFWD) the BIG WHY NOT is because half of the time it doesn't work! I'd forgotten how unreliable it was back when I used it for when I missed recording a show. But spotily last night and all of Sunday (the day I most set aside for catching up on TV shows of the week) it has been "Unavailable". Spectrum says there's a ticket in and they're working on the problem in our area-- and that would mean something if this were a rare occasion. But from my experience, the default setting is "Unavailable". As much as we all hated Time-Warner, the service with Spectrum has been even worse.


Seeing as renting an additional DVR box would cost me $240, cutting the chord may be the more economical (and only satisfying) way to go.


Re: On Demand is a joke.

Couldn’t agree more with you. The OnDemand is a joke it’s never on demand it’s always unavailable. I expect my TV to work on weekends when I’m available to watch TV and relax. Just additional work for me and then to reboot, it takes 10-20 minutes. And it’s not a definite that it will work after. Smh.

Re: On Demand is a joke.

Totally agree!!! On demand is awful and it seems that every single Sunday it does NOT work!!!! Ugh - gonna leave this terrible company behind if it keeps up. And forget calling - will go through 30 minutes of "troubleshooting" which is basically unplug and reboot, just to have them tell you they can't fix it.  Spectrum is way worse than TWC and they better get it together! 

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Re: On Demand is a joke.

Everyone responding to this post probably has signal issues that need to be resolved with technician visits.

I am a Spectrum employee but my posts are my own thoughts and opinions

Re: On Demand is a joke.

Totally agree.  At least half the time it isn't working when we try to watch anything.  We have had to call more than once to get a refund when trying to watch a movie we purchased but it would never play.