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     I don't always have time to watch a show when it airs.  I would expect it to be available the next day, but I am willing to wait 2 days for it.    I am finding quite a few shows not updating.  The season Finale of shows that happened 2 weeks ago, still not available.     "HOT" topic shows not available for 3 or more days.   I think I'm going to cancel and go to HULU and AMAZON Prime for HBO and Starz , I'd like to email the Spectrum but I only see a "call" option.  

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I apologize for the frustration.  The networks determine when On Demand content is made available.  We make content available as soon as it is authorized.  


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This answer doesn't explain why shows are available On Demand on my Spectrum app on ipad, but are not available on my cable boxes and vice versa.  This happens regularly.  Two examples today:


National Geographic - Genius

 Cable box - episodes 2 & 3 available

Spectrum App - episodes 1, 2, & 3 available


Food Network - Iron Chef Guantlet

  Cable box - episodes 1, 2, 3, & 5 available

  Spectrum App - episodes 1, 2, 3, & 4 available





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Sharid's comment about shows being available On Demand via computers/tablets illustrates the huge hole in the "official" answer to this question. I read another thread where an "official" answer referred to the fact that a certain network didn't have the most recent shows available on their own website, so Spectrum couldn't be expected make them available "On Demand". Well, the show I want to see On Demand, "The Blacklist " ( which I couldn't record due to a power outage) IS available on the NBC website but not On Demand. How long before Spectrum makes it available On Demand?

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Before the horrible merge with Spectrum, TWC always had new episodes up the following day for at least these networks (AMC, NBC, A&E, CW, TNT). But ever since time warner became "Spectrum" I'm seeing week-long time frames for new episodes to appear on demand. Additionally, my login no longer works to watch these new episodes on the AMC site (or any other for that matter) even though spectrum is listed as one of the providers. Another example of spectrum's shadiness, yesterday the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead was available on demand. It has since been removed. Why is that, Spectrum?? And do not try to blame the networks, they're actually diligent about keeping the content updated on their end unlike your company. This isn't a networks problem, this is a YOU problem! I had my issues regarding TWC in the past, but those frustrations are nothing compared to the (edited)  annoyances I'm now experiencing with this pathetic excuse for a cable company. I want Time Warner back...never thought I'd utter those words. But the reality is, Spectrum is far worse than Time Warner Cable ever was. This wasn't a "merger" is was a takeover....and unfortunately, the wrong company took over.