NBA league pass blackout error

I am in NYC. I purchased the league pass to watch games outside of my area. For the past 2 days I can't watch some games because of an error saying it's a local blackout. I called spectrum. Every representative says the local games are blacked out, except these games (New Orleans & toronto yesterday, boston & Charlotte today) aren't local games. Then they say I can't watch national games on league pass(TNT, NBA tv, espn 1/2) except these games aren't national games. Every customer service agent told me I didn't know how the league pass worked (this is the 4th year I purchased) while they ignored that the games being blacked out aren't local games. Only Brooklyn and NY games should be blacked out. Then they told me it was an NBA problem. I called league pass twice and they said it was a spectrum problem because that is who broadcasts The games they are only in charge of the app and online. I knew it was a spectrum issue because when I watched the games on the app I didn't receive the blackout message like I would receive for nets and Knicks games. I only received those messages on the TV.
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but I'm beyond frustrated maybe I can be consoled through those with similar experiences.

Re: NBA league pass blackout error

I have the same exact situation. Those games, Celtics hornets, Toronto, Houston tonight and probably Celtics Sunday, are blacked out and I have no other channels playing the game. Upstate New York. Got no where with both league pass who said they have nothing to do with the tv blackouts, which I think I agree is true. It's spectrum, although they can't seem figure out what is going on, but they could see what I was seeing; that it shouldn't be blackout on league pass HD4. Are they using the right zip code? Also I saw that NBA league pass is broadcasted by Turner sports broadcasting, maybe they are the problem. Spectrum is sending a guy to my house to check out this situation, though I don't think it's my cable box connection. I'm trying to figure out where to go to get this problem fixed, and so far just a huge runaround.