Missing Channels

Why am I missing so many of their lousy channels. I either get a black screen or pixilization since the weeknd.  Happening on Freeform, Disney XD, AMC, Bravo, to name a few.  I'm about ready to drop this crappy service and go to Hulu TV.  I've rebooted the box I don't know how many times, unplugged it, etc.  Their customer service is no help.  Should I take the box in to get a new one?  Any suggestions?

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Re: Missing Channels

Is the city/town you live in one that fairly recently went though encryption?

If so, very likely there's a trap on the line.  A field technician could find that trap and remove it, and the problem would be solved.  And If it's a street-wide maintenance issue coming from the tap like that, then the tech can identify that too and get it referred to maintenance techs to fix it. A field technician could also swap the box at the same time, so maybe the 2-birds-with-1-stone.


Thus, I would strongly suggest asking about a troublecall to get this resolved.  Rebooting the box does nothing -- repeat NOTHING -- to resolve pixelation issues.


What make & model cable box do you have currently?

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Re: Missing Channels

Missing channels/pixellation is almost always a signal issue somewhere between your box and the street level. You need a service technician to come diagnose and repair the issue.

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