Missing CNN on STB and App (Roku)

I live in a condo that, until recently, had cable service that hooked directly to my TVs, With the digital conversion I  had to install 2 set top boxes and 2 Rokus. Channel 29 (CNN) does not show up on any of the TVs. On all TVs there is a banner indicating the channel and current programming, but the screen is black. There are no other messages. I have chatted with support and talked to support. I had a technician come out. He felt the problem was related to the wiring of the cable, but was unable to trace the cable back to it's source due to locked doors. I feel that the problem has to do with my account since it effects both STBs and the app. i don't see how a wiring issue would effect the app. Has anyone had a similar problem? Thanks you. 

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Re: Missing CNN on STB and App (Roku)

What is the name of the level of service you are paying for?