I recently switched my service from TWC to Spectrum. I'm very dissappointed that I am no longer able to get MAV TV! I contacted MAV TV and they told me to contact my cable provider. I was informed by a representative that if I upgraded to the "Gold" package, I would get the channel. Guess they were wrong! I'm regretting switching from TWC, but I needed to try what I could to reduce my bill. Prices are a bit too high for my budget. So, I ask you, Spectrum....Please bring back MAV TV.  I've been a loyal customer for many years and would hate to be forced to find another service provider that would be able to fulfill my request.



I was also told the same thing. If we had the gold package we would get MAVTV. They also told us that we would have every channel we had on TWC. They was wrong. We Lost the sportsman channel too.  Please bring these channels back. As much as you pay for cable you should get all the channels you want.