MASN 2017

Now that TW has been purchased by Charter, will it carry the sports channel MASN in North Carolina like Charter has always done.  This dispute had been ridiculous and only hurts the subscriber.

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Re: MASN 2017

The current lineup for the upcoming change to Spectrum Plans and Pricing does not include MASN at this time, and Charter only carries/carried it in very select markets, not all markets where Charter is available.

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Re: MASN 2017

This is complete garbage. The FCC ruled on this years ago. Stop screwing around and give your customers what they want: MASN now!

Re: MASN 2017

Lots of parties to blame here:


1. MLB: antiquated local broadcast rules and ridiculous "local" team maps

2. MASN: requiring basic tier placement on Time Warner Cable NC systems

3. Time Warner Cable: stubbornly depriving NC fans from ALL Orioles and Nats games

4. And, now ... Charter/Spectrum: who has regional agreements with MASN, but seems to not be inclined to extend to TWC NC territories that they are taking over.


In short ... if you like the O's or Nats and live in central NC, you have 2 choices:

1. Satellite: Both Dish and Direct TV carry MASN for NC customers ... if you care to deal with all the crap associated with satellite TV.

2. Accept being screwed by greedy cable TV companies and MLB.