ION Channel disappears in evenings

I've noticed three or four times in the past week or so that ION Channel goes dark.  It happens in the evenings (usually after 9pm) and the screen is simply blank--no picture, no sound.  All other channels above and below it work, but not ION.  So far (fingers crossed)  ION comes in just fine any other time of day; again, it's only in the evening that I've noticed this blacking out.


Any clue what the problem could be?


Re: ION Channel disappears in evenings

How many cable devices?

Copy and paste the modems signal level page and where it is splitter wise to the STB with issues.

 Hold in select for 10 seconds then hit the up arrow when on the ion channel. What is the IB freq and level?

What's the OOB tx/rx freq's and levels ?

What model # box?

Re: ION Channel disappears in evenings

I have two cable boxes-- one in living room, one in bedroom.  The bedroom box is not affected in this way, and ION comes in fine there.

As for the rest of the "instructions".....   am I really expected to understand that tech-speak?  The only part of it that made sense was the part about holding down Select and then pressing Up Channel button.  When I did that,  what happened was exactly what one would expect:  the channel moved upward to the next channel, which came in just fine.  (Washington Nationals 3, Atlanta Braves 2, in case you're wondering.)

Otherwise...  same problem, different day.    Cat Sad

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Re: ION Channel disappears in evenings


MsRaye meant the up arrow above the select button (the one used for navigating menus or browsing the Guide when it's in full screen).