How long before NBC shows are available On Demand

Apparently, the official Spectrum line is that each network controls when their specific shows can be made available to be shown on Spectrum's "On Demand" service. If that's the case, then couldn't Spectrum make that information available to their paying customers?
If Spectrum is bound contractually, then that information is in the contracts, right? I know it would make things a little bit easier for this Spectrum customers who's paying quite a bit of money for cable service.
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Re: How long before NBC shows are available On Demand



I apologize for any frustration.  The networks determine when On Demand content is made available.  We make content available as soon as it is authorized.  Keep in mind that expanded content is available online at Spectrum.TV and on the Spectrum app.   If you can't find a program available On Demand, you can also check with the channels app and use the same log in credentials to access content.  


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