HBO On Demand missing Series

When I go to the HBO On Demand channel and look under the Series section, I don't see popular shows like Game of Thrones or WestWorld.  Why are they not listed?


The funny thing is though, I can hit the little blue B button on the remote to pull up Search, do a search on either of these shows and find them.  When I look for them this way, I see all seasons/episodes/extras with the exception of GOT S4E4&5 for some reason.


Having to search for a series every time one wants to watch it is a bit of a pain.  And since I'm new and not that familiar with HBO series, I have to go to an app just to see what COULD be available. 


I'm in the Dayton, OH area and these are the Series that show:  (Do they have to be currently airing to show up in the Series List?)


Big Little Lies

Bill Maher

Chumel Torres



Inside Series

John Oliver

Real Sports

The Young Pope

UConn: The March


VICE News Tonight


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Re: HBO On Demand missing Series



The networks control content, including on demand content.  On the Spectrum app, content for premium channels may be limited, but there is often more content available on the separate app for each channel.  The login information is the same as the Spectrum app.  For more information on the Spectrum App, I included a link to Spectrum App FAQ's.  


Hope this is helpful.  


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