HBO On Demand and Westworld Series

I have chatted with 2 different agents tonight and still don't have an answer. 

HBO On Demand Series 'Westworld' is not listed as a title option therefore I am not able to watch it.   The first agent suggested I reboot my system which I did.  Still not Westworld listed.  I believe there may have been a language barrier between the 2nd agent and me so she ended our chat with no resolution.  

Anyone else have this issue?  The last title listed on the on demand series is 'Veep'. 


Re: HBO On Demand and Westworld Series

HBO on Demand has a limited amount of space at each cable company, so movies and series cycle on and off. Westworld isn't on HBO on Demand right now.


However, since you're an HBO subscriber you can use HBO Go to watch Westworld. Typically HBO Go has a deeper library than HBO On Demand.

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Re: HBO On Demand and Westworld Series

On your Set Top Box when in the HBO series category please scroll as far to the right 

as you can and click View More. You will see an alphabetical list. Scroll down to 

W and you will Find Westworld. Alternately you can use the search function at the 

bottom of the list on channel 1000. (in most markets)



You can also find it on HBOgo App and 

If you prefer you can also watch it through the Spectrum TV website/App.  Just click on the 

magnifying lense and type Westworld.


Hope this helps.


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Re: HBO On Demand and Westworld Series

HBO Go is way more user friendly than the On Demand portal of Spectrum...assuming you have a smart tv, Roku, Apple TV, etc.