1 year later, still no fox sports 2 in hd?

multiple threads already on this along with multiple channel requests - may we have an update as to why this channel has yet to receive an HD version?  it has been almost a year

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Re: 1 year later, still no fox sports 2 in hd?

I do apologize, however, we are unable to provide a station in HD unless we receive the feed in HD from the content provider. If you should have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.

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Re: 1 year later, still no fox sports 2 in hd?

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Fox Sports 2 actually does offer an HD feed, in 720p, according to its Wikipedia page. See the info box at the following link:


The info box also reveals that AT&T U-Verse offers the HD feed, as do DiercTV and Dish Network.




Fox Sports 2 in HD - Been waiting over a year

Numerous users have talked about adding Fox Sports 2 in HD in numerous threads for over a year.  You first said 1) It was not available in HD, and then said 2) It is now available in HD and you are looking forward to adding it.  That message was in February of 2014.  Can you tell us why you have chosen not to add it?  Dish and other sattelite providers have been offering it in HD for sometime. Thanks.

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Re: Fox Sports 2 in HD - Been waiting over a year


These forums are for user-user help, and even the few times an employee is available to answer, it's not considered official.


AND, after that, do you REALLY think TWC is going to give you a straight answer??





Fox Sports 2

I have seen many posts on here about Fox Sports 2, however it has been several years since the FuelTV rebranding, andthis channel is still not offered in HD.  I find this quite ridiculus.  It is 2015 and according to current research over 80% of all homes have HD televisions.  I also gurantee that 100% of sports fans only have HD television, so why in theworld is Fox Sports 2 not offered in HD on Time Warner.  


We get the same repeated BS, but if you really wanted to add it you could just flip the switch.  Bu TWC just does not care about their customers.  


Please get this channel in HD, as far as I know it is the only channel not offered in HD except for several of the local stations alternative digital channels.


Re: Fox Sports 2

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It's a lot more complicated to add a channel then just "flipping a switch". I'm sure there have to be some negotiations btw the cable company and the network to allow them to add a channel. There is a link somewhere on the TWC where you can request a channel be added though. is the link.


Re: Fox Sports 2

They already have the channel, it is just not in high definition, but it is positioned with all the HD channels in the lineup (CHANNEL 401).

Thanks for the response but if you would have read my post you would see I am not requesting a new channel, just offer it in HD add the rest of the channels have been for almost a decade now.

Why no HD feed for Fox Sports 2 (FS2)

FS2 is the only sports channel not in HD, and it has been well over a year since this channel was re-branded from FuseTV. What's the hold up? All the other carriers have HD feed for FS2. Unacceptable from TWC.
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Re: Why no HD feed for Fox Sports 2 (FS2)

The broadcaster is generally responsible for sending the HD feeds to us.  We can certainly look into this for you. You may contact us in a number of ways:


Thank you.

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