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The mandatory EAS tests are an annoyance for many customers, but I haven't seen anyone report the specific problem I'm having, which is that the test completion message remains on the screen indefinitely. The interrupted program doesn't resume automatically. Further, I can't get the numeric channel selection buttons  to work in this circumstance. After it happened last night, I couldn't get the channel up/down buttons to work either. Eventually, after trying several things,  I was able to restore normal operation by cycling the power on the STB . Needless to say, my 93 year old mother cannot troubleshoot like that. The only way she  can get operation restored after a test is to unleash a torrent of four letter words loud enough to wake me in the other room so that I can do it for her. TV that cuts out indefinitely after an EAS test is evil. Please fix this so that the previous program resumes automatically. Thanks.

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I am sorry to hear this has happened. Does this happen every time there is an emergency alert?  Do you see this happen on multiple channels ? 


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Yes, it seems to happen every time. I'm not sure if I've seen it on more than one channel. At that time of night, we usually have HLN (47) on. Thanks.


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Update 2/27 3:45 - The same thing just happened on MTV (37). The message stayed on the screen and the program in progress didn't resume. The numeric channel buttons on the remote didn't work. PLEASE FIX ASAP!

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We apologize for any poor experience.  We encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 

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Why am I getting the “weekly” broadcast alert text every freaking night?! Sometimes more than once a night?!

Also... I am SO OVER having on demand issues like half the time I try to view on demand and being told over and over it’s the box. It’s not the box.
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Sounds like Spectrum's local EBS Test generator for your area may be incorrectly or incompletely programmed, missing the last few parameters.