Duplicate channel

Our Spectrum went all digital on 2/6. Some channels were moved. Before we got 2 fox stations.  One from Utica and one from Binghamton. The new printed guide still shows both, but both Fox channels are the same one from Utica. Aside from prime time they had different programming and news cast. I hope someone sees this and gives us our Fox station from Binghamton also again. Thanks. 13820


Re: Duplicate channel

They only need to give you one...

You may need to put up an outside antenna.... however, it looks like you may be down in a bowl and will not get either channel... I show only 2 channels with a deep fringe antenna 30' up in the air and 5 channels at 300' Both fox channels are 55 miles away, your only hope is cable or a streaming feed.


Call the station you're not getting, ask for the engineering/ sales dept, see if there's a reason....