Channels not working.

I've tried everything, but can't receive NESN or NBCBOS on one of my three cable boxes.  It's been a month now and nothing works.  How can I get this resolved?


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Re: Channels not working.

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I've tried everything, but can't receive NESN or NBCBOS on one of my three cable boxes.  It's been a month now and nothing works.  How can I get this resolved?




First thing to ask is are you on a legacy TWC or Spectrum billing plan?  If so, what is your current package plan?  Here's a quick way to make sure that you are subscribed to those channels.  Most people in our community have the black guide called Navigator:


  • Press the Guide Button Twice
  • Click Subscribed for your Guide Filter option
  • Now, only Subscribed Channels will show in your package,  Can you see those channels in your package plan on the Time Grid?


Assuming that you can see the channels, what happens when you tune to them?  If you get a screen that says, "To receive this channel, call Customer Care." the channel is not in your package. 


Your next step, knowing your package plan, is to go to and select your channel line up.  If you are on a Spectrum Plan, select the package that you see on your billing statement to organize your channel line up by the package to which you subscribe,  If you are on a legacy TWC plan you will see a message in the line up that says, "Did you sign up for TV Services before (month, date, year.) Click on that, and you can sort by your legacy TWC package shown on your billing statement.  If you see the channel(s) in your plan, you cick on Subscribe in the Guide and it says Call Customer Care, you will need to contact Spectrum to examine your account and find out why you are not getting that channel.


However, if you tune to that channel with your Time Grid filter to Subscribed and you are seeing a black screen, there is a problem with your signals or drop line.  You will than need to call Spectrum, or contact them through Social Media for a Signal and drop line test,  Avoid rebooting any boxes, routers, or modems, for six hours prior to this test as this resets the error codes and the tech needs to see those error codes.


The third possibility is that you click on Subscribe and that channel does not show in your Time Grid.  Spectrum has some channels that legacy TWC doesn't have, and TWC has a few channels that Spectrum doesn't have.  If the channel using the Subscribed filter in the Time Grid is not there at all it means that Spectrum does not have a contract to carry that channel, and unfortunately, that channel was only a part of the legacy TWC plan.  You would than need to fill out a feedback form here, and request that the channels be added to your line up package. Here is that form:


If you switch to a Spectrum Package and pricing you cannot go back as the TWC codes are out of the system.  This is a lot of information to process, and it all depends on what you see when you enter the numbers for that channel in your guide, and your current level of service plan.  Let us know how the above applies to your situation,


Update:  I just reread that you are having a problem receiving both channels on one of your cable boxes, but not the others,  It sounds like that box is not synced to your account properly,    It sounds like there could be a problem with coding your box to those channels. Review the above information and also please post the make and model of your cable box, and your City, State, and Zip code,  Use my above suggestions as a guide and post back with your information,  I am guessing one of two things:


1.) This could be a simple problem of just calling Spectrum to re-activate the box for that channel.  I wonder if the box could be stuck on the wrong billing plan?  Although I have not heard of this.




2.) This is a signal problem that will require a truck roll for a signal and drop line test.  (Review how to prepare for that, above.)