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I noticed that the standard line up does not have any of the "black" stations in the standard channels. They have bounce, but it only show out dated shows. And when I went in the other day to down grade, the lady at the counter stated, that the standard don't have OWN, BET, or TVONE.  Being that I am a black woman why would she point that out to me. I wonder do they tell all of the customers matter the race? Personally I think it's a form of hidden discrimination.

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I apologize for any poor experience.  We would like to further look into this matter for you.  I have sent a Private Message to your personal Inbox with instructions on how to contact us for follow up. 


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Re: Channel line-up

Bounce TV is an over the air channel usually carried by a local station's sub-channel.

Since Spectrum only carries Trinity Broadcasting Network on its standard cable package and no programming for any other religions unless you rent a box, is it a form of hidden discrimination?