Channel Lineup Incorrect Northeast NC

The channel lineup for my area Northeast NC near Ahoskie, NC is incorrect if you are using a TWC Cisco DTA adapter.

This only affects theTVs in my house that use the DTA provided by TWC. The other TVs which have digital tuners do not have this problem. Last night TWC made a frequency change to fix problems people in the Raleigh area of NC were having and they said people who did not have a cable box would have to rescan to get

WRAL back. Little did I know that change would affect me since I am 2 hours away from Raleigh and my channel lineup is different. This morning I had no problems with most of my televisions but I have two which do not have the new digital tuners and I rely on the TWC Cisco DTA for signal on them . On these two TVs with the DTA I now get a station out of Norfolk VA, WTVZ 33-3 on channel 5 instead of WRAL (CBS) from Raleigh, NC, which the TVs without the DTA still pickup correctly.

Since I knew about the frequency chages I powered down the DTAs so they would rescan, hoping WRAL would return at the channel 5 location where it had been , but no luck.


I called the support line and they made an attempt to get my signal from WRAL back but they had no more luck than I did. I really did not expect an outsourced off shore tech support person could fix the problem and a technician has been scheduled to come out tomorrow to fix  the problem. But I don't think the problem is with the device at my house but at TWC headend in this area.


If TWC monitors this forum perhaps they can send the technicians to the place where the problem really lies, so they won't waste their time at my house. If the problem is with the DTAs then they will have to visit every home in the area that has a box like mine. A lot of people around here won't know what is going on and probably won't call TWC either.


Anyway that's my two cents worth on the problem.


Re: Channel Lineup Incorrect Northeast NC

I lost it too.


Re: Channel Lineup Incorrect Northeast NC

TWC must have realized the problem. A couple of hours after I made the post WRAL was back where it should have been on channel 5.