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Bring Back Channel Notifications in Bills and Online



Talking about this topic with customers over at the DSL Reports forum, but I want to make a topic over here.  Disappointed that Spectrum no longer puts any notices on the billing statements or online about new channel additions or were to find them.  This should be offered to subs whether on legacy TWC, legacy Charter, or Spectrum billing plans.  Some say that Spectrum has notices in the paper, but who gets a paper anymore?


Best thing to do is add to the website, a TV Services a Channel Notifications link.  We got two channels in Wisconsin, Newsy and Movies!  I was only able to find them by searching the guide.  No notices, nothing at all from Spectrum.  The former TWC always had a site to where you could go for channel notifications.  These should be brought back in the paper bills as well.  "Put them in the "Spectrum News" section so that customers know what to expect.  I strongly support this idea!



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Re: Bring Back Channel Notifications in Bills and Online

I agree, Satch.

I would also like to expand this idea to include channel removals, along with a reason for removal, if known (customers don’t like losing channels, but if the reason is known it should be made public); as well as a rebrand (name change). A past example of the latter would be Spike rebranding as Paramount Network.

The former TWC used to announce channel deletions by saying, “Due to circumstances beyond our control, [channel name] will no longer be available” or “On or around [date], [channel name] will cease operations and be removed from the lineup” or “will shut down.”