3d and OnDemand Listings

I'm ok with Spectrum.  We have Internet, cable and phone service.

But come on Spectrum, your 3d movies menu has not changed in months...

Normally that would be an exaggeration, but it really hasn't changed in months....

I only get HBO for a main channel so I'm referring to the HBO 3D Movies
There are a lot of us out here that have 3d  smart tvs, and guess what, we love to use it.

Spectrum is no small Company,  and I think 3d movies - having it's own audience - should be at least changed or added to once every two weeks or so. That's the whole point of having a good Cable Company... "fresh movies" be it new releases or past movies.

Now OnDemand, for me anyway, hasn't changed in a couple months...I mean I know that list like the back of my hand haha
I don't normally speak-out about things I can't control, but the idea of having a reputable Cable Company is to listen to it's subscribers once in a while ...
You could really add a whole new subsriber base if you'd only boast - and backup - that your 3d and OnDemand movies changed often.
You'd get the Smart 3d TV audience, and a lot of the Netflix audience because Netflix barely adds movies every two weeks.
Compete against that and you've got something.


Re: 3d and OnDemand Listings

What 3D movies? Where are you?

They dropped 3D a year ago as far as I can tell, was like ch 1800 here...


Re: 3d and OnDemand Listings

What 3d movies???  Are you from Spectrum?


I'm in La Mirada, L.A. County, California

OnDemand in the 3d section. Remember I said for HBO movies. There is a whole list of 3d HBO movies.
The list used to change once in a while...well, it's been a looong while and it hasn't changed.


If HBO or Spectrum dropped this service - 1. I don't knoiw why the list is still visible... and 2. Spectrum should have alerted it's customers it's been discontinued.