Re: cable card not receiving any encrypted channels

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Any more insight as to what else you found on this? Why won't TWC send out a tech when they admmitted the levels were wrong and wouldn't work?


RDC means Reverse Data Channel and is the upstream level, it should be between (+) 20 and 50 dBmv, with anything over +50 being maxed out and probably intermittent


 FDC is the downstream Forward data channel, these are also called OOB (out of (video) band) and are a docsis 1/2 cable modem in the cable box. should work in the -15 to +15 range with -7 to +7 being optimal and may sorta work with pixellation down at -20


 Looking at the levels, the amp apparently has 15 dB of gain.


If you're still having problems, look at the f cable between the TA and the ceton. It should have the center wire extending 1/8" beyond the nuts and nothing, foil-wires shorting it to the outside shield. No kinks, cuts, staples into it either.