Re: Constant pixelation with ceton 6ETH card.

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somethings a little strange with the tuner 1-2 levels. Is this connected using an ext splitter between the TA and the Ceton or is it using the TA's passthru connection?

 There should not be a 10 dB change in signal levels...I think your S/n is good however

 Splitter should be marked 5-1000 mhz or higher, all f cables should have a shiny copper center wire extending 1/8" above their nuts...


grounding block outside the house sand connectors should be shiny and ground wire must be connected to the electric and phone common ground rod. There must be no extra dead splitter ports or dead coax cables...



I can see an issue arising if this is using either a bad external splitter and no 75 ohm load resistor on the empty output f connector on the TA.

 What are you doing to get a "without TA" reading?


 Are ch's 2 and 5 NTSC analog or are they QAM?

 can you get a sig level from a ch in the 7-13 range? (it's possible there's none on your system)





 To check your processor loading, let the windows resource monitor run, if it's solid green (at100%) you're going to have issues, it may be a problem with the stupid end of XP support and windows defender eating up your memory.