Re: watching tv on my computer

Unknown if hauppage has a device that takes a cable card and tuning adapter which is what you would need for TWC...

SD and Ceton and Tivo do.

But, you need to rent a cablecard/ Tuning Adapter from TWC.. A dta is useless as it's output on ch 3/4 is sd analog




Re: watching tv on my computer

NO NO NO!Robot Sad

DTA is a fance name for "EConomy Cable Box "

 It is a digital tuner that takes clear and encrypted qam and converts them to hdmi or ntsc composite/rf ch 3/4




All off twc is going encrypted and you need to return whatever you bought as it won't work by the end of the year as twc encrypts everything.

Same with all cable qam capable TV sets.



watching tv on my computer

i have the basic starter tv from TWC in Los Angeles. I have the DTA from them and was until recently able to watch tv on my computer using a Hauppauge 950q usb tuner.A couple of weeks ago the cable got loose and after i put it back I was unable to get my channels. I rescanned many many times but could get only a few, what seemed like internet stations. I bought a new tuner from FRY's but got the same thing. If i attach my cable directly to the tuner without the DTA it sees all the channels but they're all encrypted. if I put it through the dta then i get only the local CBS affiliate.

Doesn't the DTA decrypt the signal ? and if so shouldnt the tuner see this