Re: can i pick my own channels

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The packages that TWC offers are to cover a wide array of customer needs, and that is why you have some channels that are, for lack of a better phrase, useless to you. They are, however, useful to others, so this is the ultimate goal.

I think at least one politician tries to pass a bill once a year for "A La Carte" cable, but if you look at the end result, cable would skyrocket.
The good news is that TWC doesn't ask you to pay for HD channels, they are free to watch as you please.
As far as content, they have no control over that, they simply offer the network availability. If you like a channel that has most of what you like and some garbage, you can visit their website and make a suggestion (I personally hate all these reality shows).

And yes, you can buy your own DVR, I've looked at quite a few, but it is limited to your subscription. If you want Sports Pass, you'll need to subscribe.


Re: can i pick my own channels

I wish...

TWC needs to get rid of a pile of the garbage. At 2 am it's mostly infomercials that need to pay me to watch them...

Then improve resolution on the HD channels from the freed up bandwidth.



can i pick my own channels

can i pick my own channels that i would honestly watch other than 300 channels of rubbish?? and can i buy my own legal cable box??