Re: can a cablecard for HTPC record in MPEG2?

texas14, looking back, those are the recommended specs to support as many as twelve tuners (2 x 6-tuner devices). Minimum specs are much lower for a single three & six tuner device that are now common. I ran a 4-tuner Ceton for some time on a Core-2 Duo with 4gb RAM with no problems and only updated the platform when I added multiple extenders to the system.


Check out the hardware and OS discussions here for more targetted information:




Re: can a cablecard for HTPC record in MPEG2?

Mpeg 2 is a higher quality broadcast standard that cable companies don't want to provide because it uses bandwidth they can't afford to spare.  And yes you can transcode a mpeg 4 stream to mpeg 2 however it won't be any better than the mpeg 4 stream.

 Mpeg 2 uses a different codec and licensing

If you compare a live NFL game via both services, the antenna one far surpasses cable. It can be recorded in both mpeg 2 or mpeg 4


Re: can a cablecard for HTPC record in MPEG2?

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thanks twcsa4jim. The memory requirements are higher than I thought they'd be.


Re: can a cablecard for HTPC record in MPEG2?

Windows Media Center, your only viable option for CableCard content, records the stream in whatever format it is presented. There are no legitimate options for its protected content.


You would need to budget for 6gb of *internal* disc space per hour of HD 720p or 1080i content.


For optimum results, do not plan on using the media PC for anything else. CPU and memory requirements vary, but basically (from Ceton):



  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium x64, Professional x64 or Ultimate x64. Microsoft Windows 8 Pro x64.
  • 2.5 GHz or faster quad-core processor recommended.
  • 6 GB of RAM minimum. 8 GB or more is recommended.
  • 7200PRM minimum for storage hard drive.
  • HDCP compliant graphics
  • HDMI out, or DVI out with separate audio out



Re: can a cablecard for HTPC record in MPEG2?

Mpeg2 is much higher quality and uses 4-6x the disk space.

 Some standalone computer based DVR's can record in MP2 however you will only get that from on air ATSC broadcasters, not any cable system since they've already compressed it too much to the MP4 specs

"Garbage in, garbage out"


can a cablecard for HTPC record in MPEG2?

i have a motorola DVR DCX3400 right now which seems to be set to record in MP4, given that it has 27 hours and is 49% full on a 250gb internal hard drive. 


When people forego the DVR box and set up their own HTPC with a rented TWC cablecard - 

- what are the size requirements for a hard drive?

- is the video save in MPEG2 or MP4? Is there a choice for the customer?

- what are the CPU and Memory requirements?


thanks for any advice