Re: Wrong Channel With Tuning Adapter & TIVO Bolt

I private messaged the @TWC_ForumsHelp wth my account number and description of the problem yesterday as suggested in the post above and of this evening Monday January 23, 2017 my Tivo Bolt is now tuning the correct channels with the Tuning Adapter connected.  I did not receive any feedback on what was done to correct the problem so I suggest anybody with the same problem to contact @TWC_ForumsHelp.


Thanks to the TWC Forum Moderators for the help in correcting my problem.


Re: Wrong Channel With Tuning Adapter & TIVO Bolt

I apologize for the issues with the Tivo and our service. Please private message us @TWC_ForumsHelp your account number or phone number so we can assist you. 


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Wrong Channel With Tuning Adapter & TIVO Bolt

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I am subscribed to TWC in 44820 Ohio. My Cisco Explorer STA1520 Tuning Adapter is tuning in one HD channel low. As a result you have to tune one channel higher to watch the correct channel and some recordings are of the wrong channel/program. This problem was noticed to start on the morning of Wednesday January 18, 2017.


My Tivo Bolt channel listings are identical to the Channel Lineup on https://www.timewarnercable.com/content/twc/en/tv/channels-lineup.html/.


Here is a example of the problem:

  • Tuning Adapter USB cable connected (off -1 channel)
    • 1133 Science Channel HD\
    • 1134 Animal Planet HD
    • 1135 NatGeo HD
  • Tuning Adapter USB cable disconnected (correct channel)
    • 1133 Animal Planet HD
    • 1134 NatGeo HD
    • 1135 History Channel HD

I've done everything I could think of to try without success such as re-powering/rebooting all devices, reconnecting all cables, removing and re-seating the Cable Card, re-running Guided Setup and updating network guide settings on the TIVO Bolt.


I've contacted Customer Service via Chat and Cable Card/Tuning Adapter Support at 1-866-532-2598 and neither have been able to correct my problem.