Re: Weak Signal Errors

My system was set up in that configuration when the problems started occurring.  Here's the timeline:


1. CableCARD could not receive messages - This happened when TWC went all digital and the CableCARDs could not achieve and OOB Lock.  This was resolved on the TWC/Motorola end.


2.  After watching TV for a short time the signal would degrade until the feed locked up.  Changing the channel would immediately reset the feed until it would lock up again.  This occurs whether or not you are watching the TV or recording a show with WMC closed.  This happens very regularly on some channels, but not others.


All of the problems started after TWC went digital (switched all of the TV feeds to SDV) and has not worked properly since.  The Ceton support can see that the tuner is getting a significant amount of QAM demodulation errors on the suspect channels as well as the tuning adapter is rebooting on it's own due to the amount of demodulation errors it is receiving.


I do not think this is heat related as my Ceton temperatures never get above ~53C (~47C if I leave the case off) and the problem is still present.  I also do not think it's a signal level issue as all of my signal levels are around +5dBmV.


I've seen posts from other users in areas that have experienced the same issue when their region was upgraded to all digital...


Re: Weak Signal Errors

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Sounds like it's bad or overheating. not an input level issue as that can't be told to change by anything.


 Make sure the coax goes into the TA then goes into the ceton and there's no ext splitter and that all cables are tight.






Weak Signal Errors



After viewing certain channels for a short amount of time, they begin to show pixelation.  The pixelation continues to get worse until windows media center cuts the feed and displays the weak signal screen.  Things that I've noticed:


  • When I initially tune to the channel (1200 - ABC) the SNR on the Ceton InfiniTV webpage is around 40dB with a signal level of +5dBmV
  • When the pixelation starts to occur, the SNR starts to drop while the signal level stays constant.
  • When the weak signal screen finally pops up, the SNR is at 32dB and the signal level is +5dBmV.

I can change the channel up or down and then back to 1200, and the SNR immediately resets to 40dB and the picture is clear.  Rinse and repeat.  This is very very very predictable and annoying as I can't record or watch TV.  This is happening on other channels as well as other tuners within the InfiniTV 6 PCIe.


While one tuner is showing a weak signal, the another tuner will have uninterupted service on an extender showing channel 300 or some other channel.  Is anyone experiencing this issue?