Using the HDHomerun Prime with Android TV

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This message is to support a new thread for those TWC Subscribers who are seeking information on using their Android TV devices or Android TV equipped TV set with TIme Warner Services.


At this time, The TWC app for Android isn't supported on this emerging platform and although there are tricks to install and get it working, The experience doesn't live up to the effort nor is there a timeline to provide this support.


In the meantime, Those who wish to experience good quality playback in up to 3 rooms and don't mind spending a few bucks on equipment, You have options to eliminate the need for monthly cablebox rentals as long as you have an internet router in your home.


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and I'm moving it here in an effort to get it in one place and consolidate the information into digestible chunks..


I have much to share regarding setup, software and configuration details for using the HDHomerun Prime as a wonderful low cost way to get the most out of your service. Most of the directions can be followed by anyone that can use a web browser on either a tablet, phone or PC.


For those already familiar with the HDHomerun products and or may have read the lateral forums concerning problems with the HDHomerun and Windows Media Center, Be assured, Protected content stations are working quite well on official Android TV devices using the HD Homerun software on Google Playstore.


I'm already well at work writing instructions and an overview and should be posting it over the next few days.


If you are already using this product with Android TV and TWC, Please post your experiences here for all to see.


I didn't like Simple TV or the TIVO solutions as they added more monthly fees to ownership and in the end for me, The HDHR is the best game in town for lowering your cost of ownership and monthly bill while providing a good experience overall and if you own Android TV devices, You're half way there already!.