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It's not the equipment, it can only show what it is delivered.  It has to be the way the broadcast signal is being delivered.  There is absolutely no point to an "alert" that only says that it has bee "issued for the following counties: State of North Carolina" with no identifiable informations like age, sex, color of hair, last seen... etc... it's like calling 911 to report that there is a fire, somewhere in the state of North Carolina... you go figure out where!


Re: Useless and Disruptive Amber Alerts

EAS eab tests here are at 3 am and for counties southeast of me where bad weather never comes from. The audio as well is overdeviated and horribly distorted.

Thiis is the northeat Ohio area, the alerting station is near Youngstown and we are up near Cleveland.


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Re: Useless and Disruptive Amber Alerts

Glad that you mentioned the Amber Alert broadcasts and reminded me.


A few weeks ago I sent a complaint via the DSLReports TWC Direct forum about their 'all channel alerting' deficiencies:


- The audio is so garbled that you can barely understand it

- Even worse, the TWC website does Not have a drill down link to the local alert(s) BY zip code.


FYI we have a county emergency operations center with a web site that should have the alert details - check for yours .....    Continuing incompetence on TWC's part!


UPDATE - added info on modernized alert system

I suggested that they need to participate in the national (federal/state/county) alert system being implemented by FEMA:  https://www.fema.gov/integrated-public-alert-warning-system

I did escalate to Corporate but their response was somewhat generic - "referred to technical staff for investigation" or some such.

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Re: Useless and Disruptive Amber Alerts

Good luck, TWC only supports equipment they lease.

 See if you have the latest Hauppage software... I gave up on mine, it was out of sync with media center...



Useless and Disruptive Amber Alerts

Due to the recent conversion to digital in the Metrolina service area, I had to switch my PC to a Haupagge tuner with a cable card from TWC and setup Windows Media Center to watch TV.  Ever since, whenever an Amber Alert is issued, The Amber alert continues non-stop scrolling on Windows Media Center and continues until I close and relaunch Media Center.  In addition, the station I'm watching often drops out like it's lost the signal almost immediately after the alert.  To top it all off, there is nothing in the actual alert that serves the intended purpose.  No details at all, no description, nothing to look for... just that an alert has been initiated, that it is for the county of "North Carolina" and when it expires!

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