Re: Tuning Adapter Refresh

Is your TA properly wired to the incoming coax and then the Ceton connected to it's internal splitter?

If not, signal level is too low and operation will be marginal. It is a docsis 3 cable modem and must have DS levels above -8 and US levels below +52 dBmv to work reliably. 


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Re: Tuning Adapter Refresh

A huge number of customer-owned devices are being "refreshed" this quarter in order to fix database errors accumulated over the previous decade or more. 


Tuning Adapter Refresh

This morning every channel request resturned the Subscription Required message in WMC. After power cycling the TA and restarting the PC the situation persisted. Ceton diagnostics indicated proper signal and noise levels for all tuners. The CC and TA indicated proper communications, but there was no channel map present in the CC, but the TA indicated 6 maps.


Before calling the dedicated CC support ine, I went into our account online and the connection status for the TA showed as Unknown. I hit the Refresh button and after a brief moment it returned as Connected. All subscribed channels then tuned properly and I was happy that a call was not necessary at this point.


Is this Refresh any different from what a CC support person would do on their end when they send a hit to the TA? Might this be indicative of a potentially failing TA, or more likely, some event that may have occurred overnight effecting our account?