Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

Just to clarify, the Hauppauge 2250 is a dual channel NTSC / ATSC/ Clear QAM tuner only and does NOT require a a tuning adapter to receive Clear QAM channels in addition to any remaining analog NTSC channels that are available.


Tuning Adapters are only used with CableCard equipped devices.


Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

Bob, did you try putting a splitter on the cable from the wall and provide a separate run to each of your TA and Infinity? I had to do that to make it work properly. I found that I could not use the cable output from the TA as the input to my Infinity. And Yes you need a tuning adaptor IF you want to get the Switched Digital Video channels (a huge number of channels are switched).

Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

OK so a quick replay to this forum about Ceton (Infinity 4 or 6) and Hauppauge 2250.  Both of these devices NEED a tuning adaptor IF you want to decode the Switched Digital Video Channels.  These channels are normally associated with any package above a basic cable service. For instance in my area some of the Switched channels are BBC America, Syfy, USA, HGTV and many more than I can list here.


These tuning adaptors are available from Time Warner and requre the use of a cable card.  In my area they provide the Motorola 700 tuning adaptor.




Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

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No one here really knows per headend what channels are running via SDV vs. clear/ encrypted qam . Sounds like this guys package doesn't call for movies on demand or SDV channels. I'd expect the tech might now, but with a thousand channels and a bunch of packages and the national lineup being installed, they may be in the dark as well.



But the problem may have been the wrong mac address used, there are 2 or 3 on the TA's label, it should be the CM one, not the USB one


 Yes it has an internal splitter with an in and out f connecter , however I see diagrams that require it to use a 2 way splitter and a 75 ohm term resistor on it's unused output.



Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

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Sorry about that, yeah, DTA's are not the same as TA's   Woman Embarassed


There are numerous hook up diagrams that show both theTivo,  Ceton and SiliconDevices boxes NOT USING the pass thru but a 2 way 4-2000mhz splitter on the incoming cable, apparently there's a design issue in some of them.  On TWC, the TA is supposedly reqiuuired for PPV and MOD channels, your system might not have any SDV channels on it, also there are 2 flavors of cable cards, one may have cablecard TX functionality to request programming like SDV/ MOD/ PPV.

 Please advise an update on the issue , I've speed read the 94 page TA adapter manual and understand all the things it can do, but mo idea of what TWC is using it to do and that is probably on a per headend basis until they get the "National Lineup" implemented across the entire US

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Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

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MsRaye, I believe you may be confusing a TA with a DTA.


A (Digital Transport Adapter or Digital Tuning Adapter) DTA is effectively a simple Cable Box.  This has nothing to do with CableCARD, the InfiniTV or SDV, and would not be connected to the InfiniTV


A Tuning Adapter (TA) is used in conjunction with a CableCARD device, such as the Ceton InfiniTV, to allow "Switched" (SDV) channels to be watched.  The only two models currently in use are the Motorola MTR-700 or Cisco/Scientific Atlanta STA-1520.


To the best of my knowledge, all Time Warner markets use SDV, and thus a Tuning Adapter (not a DTA) is requiered.


Tazmo, if you are still running into difficulty, can you please post the exact message that you are receiving?

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Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

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-Sorry about the late reply... just found this...

A DTA doesn't have pass thru, it just has an analog ch3/4 modulator to hook it to a basic analog tv

 You should use a 2 way splitter, anything marked 5 mHz to 1000-2500mHz will work. I buy the directv DECA ones for $3 from solidsignal

But, I'm not sure why you need the dta, didn't you put a cablecard into the Ceton? That should give it all the functionality of the DTA.


Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

Hi -


Thanks for the response.... the Tuning Adapter is a Cisco STA1520.


To add to this, I just found installation instructions for the 4 tuner version of the Ceton here:



I have the 6 Tuner version but they should be physically the same....


What interesting is these instructions say to use a cable splitter from the wall with one "out" going to the Ceton and the other "out" going to the TA (with a USB cable between them). I am going to assume this would be considered installing it in "parrallel" as opposed to "series". Series is how the installers had the Ceton and TA.


I will try the Parallel configuration in the next few days to see if this works.


This would make better sense (at least to me).


I currently have a splitter that's labeled from IDEAL, it's a 4 way "Satellite & Digital TV Splitter" with a range from 5Mhz - 2.4Ghz.


Will that work?


I only found a couple of references to cable splitters on these forums, one with a range a lot less that 5Mhz - 2.4Ghz that should work but if anyone know, please chime in.






Re: Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

arg... Presently, that may be the case. What;s the tuning adapter, a DTA500?

TWC is changing all qam to encrypted as well as getting rid of all NTSC analog- basic cable that you could receive on any cable ready TV. That's why everyone now needs a DTA / STB or whatever stupid name they've called the external QAM tuner.

 A cable card or whatever they've called it, when properly authorized allows the same functionality but allows HD and DVR functionality depending on your media center capability. It decrypts the encrypted qam and allows HD and Dolby surround.

As far as I know, the two aren't used in series and won't work

They might use a DTA for a second SD video feed into your media center so you can have "dual tuners"... it would go into either component, svideo or composite




Tuning Adapter NOT needed for Ceton Tuner???

Ok... I've had the local installers drop by twice now and I'm more confused than ever.


I have the new (newest at the time of this post) Ceton InfiniTV 6 ETH that I am using it with Windows Media Center.


First, the installer took the cable from the wall, ran it into the Tuning Adapter (TA), then from the TA into the Ceton. The USB cable was also attached between the two.


With this config. the cable card in the Ceton would not get the Cable Provider Authorization.


After a call to your self help line, I removed the TA, cabled from the wall DIRECTLY into the Ceton, and I was successfull in getting the "CP Auth" received by the Cable card.


After hooking the TA back up (as above) the cable card (as seen from Ceton's DIag util) would say the cable card was not working properly (can't remember the exact error) and the tuner would receive NO signals.


The second tme the installers came out, we decided to remove the TA entirely.


Windows Media Center is now able to receive ALL the Braodcast stations (the service plan I ordered). I double checked this, there are no stations left out (at least at the "Broadcast Package" level of service I have).


So..... I'm confused. Is a TA really needed?


I thought TWC used Switched Digital Video (SDV) and HAD to have a TA to get ALL the stations in a package?


What am I missing??????