Re: Tried to get a Cable card for 3 weeks

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You want a cable card and a tuning adapter..

Call the cable card support number to order them!

call the cablecard support group:   1-866-532-2598


Where are you in Ohio? Sounds like cleveland and you went to the Garfield office, lol.



Tried to get a Cable card for 3 weeks

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So I bought a HomeRun Prime box and needed to get a cable card went to the website which it clearly gives you an option to order one. Then It tells me to pick it up in the office. Which was fine with me its only 10 min away from my house. I drive down there and they tell me they don't carry them in Ohio, that I have to order it online and then have it shipped to my house. So then I go back to the website and re-order it again wait another 3-5 days and nothing gets delivered. I get back online on the support chat and after 1 hour of getting trasnfered from dept  to dept I finally get somone who says they will get it shipped to me. wait another 3-5 days and nothing I call this time and once again I have to be transferred. So now the rep doesn't have any idea what the device is i'm looking for and says her suppervisor said I want a Digital adapter. I tell her no that not what I want I want a cable card. She keeps telling me the samething over and over again. I ask her what the hell is the digital adapter and she just says its a device that lets you change the channel s with a remote. so now I'm getting . Its a box I tell her I don't want a box I want a cable card.She says again thats what you want I tell her a digital converter is not going to fix into or connect into my box. She tells me you need that to get your channels. Now I'm really getting I tell her your not listening to to me First off I don't need the the dam Digital converter all my TV's are getting Channels just fine now. I aonly need the cable card for my DVR option. And then I ask her agian I need a cable card then she tells me her supervisor said they don't offer cable card anymore well if thats the case then why the hell are you advertising it on your website first of all and 2nd why wasn't this told to me 3 weeks ago when I started this whole process. No answer. So not only am I not satisfied whith TW service. This whole digital adapter crap is just another way for them to get rid of people using the Cable cards. And it would be nice if the reps were trained properly in all there services and not give me the run around. they say this is so they can drop there dam analog channels and increase bandwidth which did I ask for increased bandwidth is it going to lower my Bill No they will most likely raise it in a month stating they increased bandwidth and services which I do not want or get.Also when I asked about the price of the digital converter she tells me its $11.00 a month they don't even train them with the knowledge of the correct pricing If i was going to pay 11.00 for a converter I would be better off with the dam main cable box.So I will be canceling my service.