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They are blocking streams from exiting your house that would allow someone, somewhere else to have "cable service",  look back thru the Silicon devices/ Ceton Hauppauge posts. It should still work locally in your house

Part of this is their "reluctance" to increase upstream/upload speeds.

 If and when HDCP 2.1 is utilized, more "issues" will arise as it further blocks retransmission simply by it's maximum 20 ms display device restriction. If the device you buy has "upgrade " capability, 2.1 support will be added.



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Again, not answering my question.


I fully realize the difference between over-the-air and cable, time warner does not copy flag broadcast channels as that is illegal, but every other show on every other channel is copy-protected as per Time Warner.  Comcast users don't have the same problem, that's been confirmed countless times on numerous forums and websites.


If you want to threaten Time Warner with lawsuits please be my guest, but this has been a well known issue for years, thoroughly documented on Tivo's forums and also on this forum.  Many people have complained to both Time Warner and to individual cable networks so it's not a matter of awareness.


Do you even own a Tivo?  This is the Tivo section of the forum so it wouldn't really make sense if you didn't.

What does me recording MOD or PPV have to do with my question?  Again I say it doesn't matter why my shows are copy protected or who is responsible.  The Tivo Stream's main feature is to allow a person to stream previously recorded shows to my phone or a device like an Amazon Fire TV or a Roku while on the same WiFi network.  And also to allow the transfer (ie download) of recorded shows to the Tivo iOS and Android app for viewing outside of the home.


Again, my question is has anyone used the Stream or a Tivo Roamio with Time Warner cable and if so can they stream recorded shows to their phone or other device, and can they transfer recorded video to their phone.


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Again, OVER THE AIR, is not the same as CABLE CHANNELS, If you want to record them, use an ATSC digital receiver and antenna.

The FCC made that rulling to allow locals to be recorded. If TWC has decided to block them, they're breaking the law. But, for example, 60 minutes might flag their program don't record and the local affiliate has no control.

That is also going to be per city/ zip code/ head end if they're local channels and your complaint needs to be with that broadcaster, they will put the heat on the cable co to fix the issue.

 Now as for cable co's messing with coam devices when we're trying to save money, you can bet they'll make sure their DVR's work and one we purchase might work just like the allowed/ approved modem lists. TWC loses a lot of money on lost rental revenue and IPTV really cuts into their pay ch proffits.

 You also can't record MOD, PPV or delayed/ watch again sources.

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"Over the Air channels are required by the FCC to be set to the first setting, but all other programs are left up to the discretion of the cable provider."

This is just the first link that came up on Google, if you want me to produce about 3 dozen more regarding time warner setting the copy flag, I would.


"Time Warner is not so friendly and sets the flag to copy-once for EVERYTHING besides over the air channels; even analog channels which I would be able to record without the cablecard are locked down by the cablecard."


I can also confirm this as I've used the TivoToGo program on my PC and have had every show copy protected, even a sports related paid-program that I edited and produced a few years ago, and I can guarantee neither myself nor the 2 individuals I worked with authorized our show to be copy protected.

But why are you so dead set on arguing with me on this?  Quite frankly it doesn't matter who or why my recorded videos are copy protected, nor do I care, I'm simply asking if anyone has experience with a Tivo Stream or Roamio on TW cable and what is allowed and not allowed.  If you don't understand the question or don't have a Stream or Roamio, then your comments are not helping or needed.




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Not correct, Don't confuse Time Warner (broadcasting) that sets HDCP flags on their material with Time Warner Cable. They are two different companies.


Do not record, play once, inhibit FF are all options set by the copyright holder and supposedly can't be overridden by the cable carrier.


There have been numerous complaints that you can't skip  FF commercials (and 10 minute infomercials, Cat Mad) on some programs and channels.

 For the cable co to allow/ bypass that function, they'd be willfully breaking the law.


This is primarily done to block copying of HD sourced material... but also commercial greed from advertisers and TIVO has no control of it and doesn't tell you that because they want to sell boxes.




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To be honest I have no idea what you just said.

Time Warner sets the copy flag for every show. While some cable operators only set premium channels to disable copying, Time Warner sets every show except for ones on over-the-air networks. This has been documented several times online including this forum, and while I don't want to debate the reasons or why it's set like that, I'm only asking if Tivo's stream will work with the copy flags, as I've heard different results and don't want to buy a $130 device that would essentially be useless to use with Time Warner.

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TWC doesn't have copy protection, it's the actual program copyright holder that sticks it on the material.

Just like all the satellite TV encryption from the 80's, the manufacturer leaks the encryption details just to sell newe "improved equipment.

 That too is the case with HDCP on HDMI.. Ver 2.1 is coming out and touted as "Impossible to defeat"


So while you get your Tivo to work with the old stuff, the new won't.

 It's actually communications between your display device and the program source and can't be delayed by a recorder...



Tivo Stream on TW



I have an older Tivo Premiere, I've been considering a Tivo Stream so I can view recordings on other devices in my home and watch on my phone.  I've read conflicting reports on whether this will work with Time Warner and their copy protection.  I also remember reading a few months back that Tivo found a way around this where the recording would be transferred to my phone or device and removed from the Tivo box, to get around the copy limitations.


Can anyone confirm how the Stream feature works with Time Warner?