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Re: TiVo mini and non-TWC ISP question

I would agree with @MsRaye at this point. I would be likely to look into connection 

issues with the TWC Internet before making any decisions. If there is a connectivity 

issue with the modem/network we can address this.


The TWCTV Roku App would not work through another ISP.


If you would like to contact us directly to look into the connection we would be 

happy to do so. 

Feel free to contact us directly at any time. @TWC_ForumsHelp


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Re: TiVo mini and non-TWC ISP question

This makes no sence at all!  The network connection between your tivo and tivo minis have nothing to do with TWC or any other ISP.


Re: TiVo mini and non-TWC ISP question

what speed are you paying for?

what do you get on a twc speed test?

Copy and paste your modems signal level and error log pages, don't reset it



TiVo mini and non-TWC ISP question

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Hello all, quick question:


I just moved into a new house, and the TWC internet is sloooooow here. The connection is preventing me from being able to stream live TV from my TiVo to my Tivo mini. The sound and video come through choppy.


I checked into it and TWC does not offer speeds high than what I currently have.


So my questions is this:


If I cancel TWC internet and switch to AT&T (nly other option), but keep my TWC TV package, will I be able to stream cable to my mini through non-TWC ISP?


I've read that people have had problems with streaming TWC TV through the Roku app when using a different ISP and I could see the same type of thing happening here. Can anyone confirm that the mini can stream cable through a different ISP? Thanks in advance!