Re: TiVo, Cable Card and Tuning Adapter adventure.

I have locked my credit report so no one can see it without my permission and apparently even though I have been a TWC customer for decades, over the phone they seem to sometimes later run a credit check, but never call back when they can't get the credit report.   They just do nothing and then send a letter later saying my credit is bad.   Ha !


I've had much better luck going to the local TWC store when cancelling and restarting service after RV trips.  I ask the supervisor to override the credit report requirement and they always do.  Within a day, they have rehooked up the wire outside the apartment and everything works.


Recently, I ordered a cablecard and a tuning adapter over the phone and picked them up.  I could see that they had a whole box of cablecards so maybe the phone call did not do anything, they had them in stock anyways.  I plugged them in, called the Cablecard installation number and everything worked excellently.


A month later I cancelled tv, kept internet and now use an antenna.



Re: TiVo, Cable Card and Tuning Adapter adventure.

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Yes I read it...

 You like just about every customer that tries to order their own equipment has no help from the call center. You need to tell them exactly what you need and get confirmation numbers as well.

 You can track the Fedx shipments on line at the fedx site and do a printout as well.

Support? Call the cablecard help desk at  866-532-2598 to get the TA's MAC activated, be sure you give them the CM mac, not the USB mac


As for 1 800 twc able, It's why there's so many people here in the forums.


Re: TiVo, Cable Card and Tuning Adapter adventure.

You didnt read what I posted at all. Thanks for the info I guess.

Re: TiVo, Cable Card and Tuning Adapter adventure.

Yes you can install both the tuning adapter and cablecard yourself. Be sure to use the TA's internal splitter to connect the TA's out port to the Tivo's cable port. You also connect the usb cable, tivo should see it .


The only reason a tech is needed is if you're an internet only customer adding tv channels or upgrading from starter cable, they need to remove channel traps and filters.



 You probably need to call the cablecard hotline to get the TA activated. It's simply a dedicated cable modem for the Tivo  Flashing light= unactivated steady light+ activated

 Normally, TWC ships the cablecard and the TA together.

 You needed to read the Tivo's instructions better as to what was required.




TiVo, Cable Card and Tuning Adapter adventure.

I have had an adventure the last 2 weeks trying to get a cable card and a tuning adapter from Time Warner.


I placed an order for a cable card on December 24th. The woman I spoke with didn’t seem to interested in my call but said the card should get to me late the following week. I asked if I would get some sort of confirmation and she replied I would get an email about the shipment. I never received an email over the holiday/long weekend. On the following Tuesday December 30th I contacted customer support to make sure the cable card was ordered/shipped. The customer service rep had no order in the system for my account for a cable card. The rep placed a new order for me and then I found out that I had to have a technician come out to the house to install the card. Ok, whatever.


The following day a tech arrived with a cable card for the TiVo unit. We were able to get most channels. Most channels. This is when I found out that I needed a Tuning Adapter. The tech said he could not place the order for this and I would have to call it in.... I called in to place the order for the Tuning Adapter. I received an email about the order. The FedEx tracking page indicated that a shipping label had been created. This was last Friday. After that there were no further updates to the shipment. On Monday January 5th I contacted FedEx to see if there was any update on the shipment as I thought there was a website issue or holiday issue. FedEx had no updates on the package nor had they received it. I then called TW support to inquire about the shipment. I was reassured that it would be there and to wait up until Wednesday.


Tuesday the 6th I contacted FedEx again just to confirm what they had told me the day before. They do not have a package in their possession. I contacted Time Warner support again and told them FedEx had no package. The rep did some checking and could not find any information on the package. The rep promised that to call me later in the day with an update. The update never came. Later in the day I called Time Warner support again and told the new rep all of the information and events that had come before. He was able to place a new order and I got a new confirmation of a shipment. Surprise surprise the only thing that has happened is a shipping label has been printed.


I have the following questions:

  1. When I ordered the initial cable card why was I told I could install it myself? I'm a unified communications network engineer so I understand how to plug a card in, get to a diagnostic page and rattle off serial numbers and mac addresses.
  2. Why was a tuning adapter such an afterthought with this order? With every person I spoke with I identified that I was getting a TiVo unit and would need a cable card.
  3. Why can Time Warner not properly ship this tuning adapter? This is insane. I've been without lots of channels now for a week. Admittedly some of this is self inflicted due to me switching to a TiVo DVR instead of the awful Samsung boxes.
  4. Can somebody please help to get me a tuning adapter? I realize the holidays have gummed things up but the shipment is coming from Glenville NY to East Amherst NY. Its not going cross country.