So confused by letter about SDV vs. TiVo vs. CableCARD

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I'm a technically proficient successful company CEO and beta tester of a dozen current apps and devices. However this letter Time Warner have typed out over 2 pages has me completely baffled.


The letter basically says that I currently have a CableCard and TiVo (Roamio) which is true, and that as TWC are moving to SDV programming, I'll need a new tuning adapter.


  • I currently have the Cisco STA1520
  • This is connected to my TiVo via USB so TiVo can change the STA's channels
  • The TiVo Roamio has a MultiCARD installed for dual recording
  • Everything works great

I called TWC and asked what I needed and could they just send it to me. They sent me a Cisco DTA 271HD.


  • There's no info as to whether this replaces the STA1520 or not (I assume it does)
  • If it does, it has no USB port, so the TiVo couldn't change the DTA's channels
  • The new DTA has its own remote with channel buttons, but I can't sit there and change channels when the TiVo needs to
  • I'm not planning to revert to the IR blasters I was using 15 years ago with TiVo now we've advanced to USB

My questions:


  • Do I need the new DTA 271HD at all or will the STA1520 do what I need? (All indications are it is SDV compatible.)
  • If I don't need anything, why did TWC send me this confusing letter?
  • Why did they then send me a device I can't connect to my TiVo?
  • Again, they know I have a TiVo, a MultiCARD, and the STA1520.

It's amazing when companies have such a bad reputation that they still send out unvetted letters that are as clear as mud without anyone 'checking their work' or running it past the Plain English Society or something. You'd think someone, somewhere at TWC would be aware that it's not a great idea to peeve people off like this, with so many people looking to become Cable Cutters.


I've lost over an hour of my life what with the letter, the phone call, trying to attach the new box, and so on.


What an appalling company. Seriously reconsidering my business at this exact moment. 


Hopefully I'll get one, wonderful, clear, reply...