Re: Ordering digital tuning adapter

Thanks for the reply. I had responded to this earlier but it apparently didn't post.
I've told multiple reps what I needed, even reading the info off the website that I ordered from. Before Charter became Spectrum the 2nd rep told me that there was confusion between the two types and re-entered my order for the correct one.
That never came & after the switch to Spectrum I mentioned this to every other rep I spoke with and they still told me they don't offer it.
I'm at a loss to figure out how else to get this device. Seems like the local office would be able to get it worked out for me, even after showing them the order page and a picture of the stupid thing.

Re: Ordering digital tuning adapter

An EZ connect  install kit is a DTA, splitter and 2 or 3 Ff cables to connect to your tv to get the bottom 2 tiers of cable TV, will not work with a Tivo, Ceton, Silicon digital or haupopage tuner



Re: Ordering digital tuning adapter

You are confusing a DTA with a TA.. DTA's are no longer given out, they are a cheap oneway cable box. A TA is a Tuning adapter which is a simple cable modem with a USB comm port on it and what you need.

Those are still available. You can fault the cable co for coming up with DTA, as it's really a basic box not a fancy "Digital Transport Adapter"....It doesn't adapt anything




Ordering digital tuning adapter

This is a long one & I'm sorry, but I'm beyond frustrated.
I don't know what the issue seems to be, but I've attempted to order a digital tuning adapter to use with a TiVo Bolt multiple times over a year through TWC and then Spectrum and I've yet to get it.

I was given a cable card with TWC in December 2015 when I got the Tivo. I ordered a cable card and got it fine. No one mentioned I also need a tuning adapter.
Noticing channels missing, I did an online chat with a TWC rep who informed me I needed a DTA and I would need to order order it online.
So I ordered online. It didn't give me the option of just getting the DTA without the cable card so I had to order the Easy Connect Kit that included both a cable card and DTA thinking I'll have to just return the extra cable card . I get the email that it's ready to pick up at the local office. I go there--- they have no idea what I'm picking up or what it even is, telling me they don't distribute anything like that there.

So I called Support. The rep tells me to order online. .Told her that didn't work. She went ahead and placed the order for me and said it would be shipped to my home. Never got it. I called again, was given an apology and the rep placed the order for me again. I never got it.
I tried once more to order online. Got the email then went to the local office and a different rep tells me the same thing as the first time I did this. We showed her the printed order summary. She made a copy & said she'd check into it. Never heard back.
So I made yet another call, explained the whole situation again. Was told told that Spectrum no longer gives those out and insisted that I had to lease a set top box. What? Why would I do that when I own a TiVo and have no desire or need to lease a box?? I even gave her the order number. She remained insistent that I can't get it through Spectrum. When I asked what about the other TVs in the house, I was told I'd have to lease a box for each TV. I asked speak to another rep and was told basically the same thing. Then a 3rd. Over one hour on the phone with 3 different people and not one could get this resolved for me - each one seemed thoroughly confused about the fact that I was literally reading off the Spectrum website that I had to have a DTV to get all the missing channels but kept insisting they don't provide them anymore and I'd have to lease a cable box and get "fully integrated" under Spectrum.

So that's my rant. This ranks as the worst, most inconsistent, clueless customer support I've ever encountered to date. I don't know what else I can do at this point after chatting, calling, ordering on the website, and going to the local office. Has anyone had any trouble like this and if so, did it ever get resolved?