Re: My cablecard ordering experience

It's been 9 months since my last post on this issue.  Sorry I haven't updated, but when all is said and done, I finally got my setup to work.  Coincidentally, my cable bill went up about $10/month shortly after the dust settled.  When I called to inquire, the rep just said the price went up.  Hard to believe it's a coincidence...  Thanks for all the helpful posts, especially from MsRae. 

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Re: My cablecard ordering experience

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Re: My cablecard ordering experience

Wow same situation for me... multiple calls, promises that it was shipped.

This started for me around 10/22/2014, just got my cablecard today(12/5/2014), but no tuning adapter. I even upgraded my Internet to extreme somewhere in all those calls, so they have to send me a new modem. Haven't got that either. I can say there billing department is on the ball, all the items I was supposed to get for the past month are all billed for.


Re: 10/28 UPDATE - More: Re: My cablecard ordering experience

I had a very similar experience. It took 2 weeks to get my cable card and when I got them they sent me 3 cable cards. Luckily, I did get one tuning adapter. I had to fight to get the additional cable card charges taken off even after I returned the extra cable cards.


After 3 weeks of all that everything is working... Good luck RobertRitz. Hopefully you get your tuning adapter soon!


10/28 UPDATE - More: Re: My cablecard ordering experience

No Tuner Adapter, no call back, nothing, nada. 15 days and counting.


Spoke with yet another CS person. She was kind, and expressed her dismay at my status, but as with all of them before, couldn’t tell my why the device isn’t being shipped. She was nice enough to give me some credit on my account, but that’s not why I started this activity. I want my TiVo.


Anyway, it’s being escalated, again. So, somewhere in TW, and escalation team will review my case. LOL, yeah.


( Cut to a dusty room, with uncomfortable chairs around a rickety table. The people at the table have their 6 year old thinkpads open and are review escalations. They have a beaten down look from years of dealing with irrate customers. The are aware the the process is engineered against them by those that they work for...)


10/27 UPDATE - More: Re: My cablecard ordering experience



Still no tuning adapter. Spoke with probably the best customer service person yet. She actually attempted to determine why I am not getting my shipment. Apparently, if the person entering the order gets certain codes wrong, they simply don't act on the order. Let’s deconstruct that observation:


  1. Rule no. 1 in data entry, don’t let incomplete or erroneous data be entered into the form. TW, FAIL.
  2. When an event reaches a failure condition, send event notification back to event source to rectify error. TW, FAIL.
  3. Don’t rely on the customer to rectify shipping order failures. TW, FAIL.


On the upside, the service person is going to call back tomorrow to verify if I receive my tuner adapter and then escalate the issue from there. Bravo, for her.

On a side note, TW had no problem showing the cable card on my account despite the fact I never confirmed receipt, nor activated it, and can’t use it without the tuner adapter. Apparently that portion of their CRM system is working swimmingly. How nice.


Re: 10/20 UPDATE: Re: My cablecard ordering experience

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That's possible. But ask youself this, providing cable service is their primary business. Why should I have to educate them on the hw they should provide? They should be able to map my venacular to their domain, not the other way around. I shouldn't have to even talk about what I need, they should know. 


I managed, before retiring, a $800 million SW product line in a very competative enivronment. My customers would have never accepted this level of service. They'd be gone in two quarters. 


It's like the resturants you find at a tourist location. The food and service suck because "Where's else you gonna go?" :-)


10/22 UPDATE - Again: Re: My cablecard ordering experience

Spoke with yet another TW person. This person in Tech.


She was polite and attemped to be helpful. She did not provide any reason as to why TW would only send a cable card, despite me asking for a tuner adapter or that they should know I need one in my location. 


She was unable to answer the questions as to whether the circa 2007 card would even work. Nice. She mentioned that she was googling my questions for an answer. Seriously, we give these people $150 a month for this level of service?


Anyway, she ordered a tuner adapter, which "I might see by Sat., 10/25." That's would be 12 days after my initial visit to the TW store. Wow, just wow.  She was confused by the order, so I'm sceptical. She said the order asked for host HW, but she didn't know how to fill that out. I told her what my device was, but who knows what she filled out. 





10/22 UPDATE: Re: My cablecard ordering experience

You would have lost the bet, again.


Scientific Atlanta (circa. 2007, used) arrived on 10/22. But, what, no Tuner Adapter? Even though I made sure to say I needed one in every conversation with TW.


Bravo, TimeWarner! You continue to live up to my expectations. I love how preditable this has been. It is almost like a pattern. Hm, I wonder if they do this to protect the extra $10 a month they get for the cable box? No, that wouldn't be ethical.

Boy, I may need to write my representative and ask that they block any attempt for TW and Comcast to merge. Imgaine the hell that would bring us.



Re: 10/20 UPDATE: Re: My cablecard ordering experience

100% chance that you will not get the "2-way comm device" that you think you need.


There are no Tru2way CableCard devices in the US market. Perhaps you are confusing them and exacerbating the issue demanding something that does not exist. All you may get is an M-Card, CableCard 2.0 compliant card, which supports as many as six tuners contained in a single device.