Re: MOCA for TIVO mini and UBEE DVW32CB

TWC doesn't allow moca to be activated on their modems, I don't know if you have got this even close to be correctly configured or enough level for the cable modem to operate properly.

Can you draw up a diagram of what you have?



MOCA for TIVO mini and UBEE DVW32CB

I am trying to set up a MOCA network.  Configuration is POE on main cable coming into house, split with 6 way MOCA Splitter;

1 coax to 2 way MOCA Splitter - 1st to UBEE DVW32CB, 2nd to TIVO Bridge (Ethernet from TIVO Bridge to UBEE)

1 COAX to TIVO Bolt

1 COAX to TIVO Mini

1 CAOX to Motoroloa DVR (TWC provided, will eventually replace with mini)


When I try to setup the MOCA network, I do it from the Bolt and set it up as a client.  All internet access works for my other devices at this time (wireless/ethernet).  When I try either to DHCP Address Assign Automatically, or I try to assign using the setting from my computer (i assign an unassigned IP address) I get various errors (C5, etc..) and can never get the network to finish setup, and the TIVO Bolt fails to connect and I have to reset it to wireless to get it to work.


When I go into the UBEE menus, it will not let me turn on MOCA. 


I would go get my own modem/router gateway, but I use this one for telephone also, and cannot seem to find a replacement anywhere.