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yes, SDV will not work otherwise, TA is the modem for you to request a SDV channel... SDV doesn't exist on your coax unless you or a neighbor request it.

 It doesn't communicate with the M card, that is only an encryption decoder


The in and out f connectors are 2 ports of a 2 way splitter, 3rd port is it's cable modem connection! It doesn't do any processing, just a normal 2 way splitters 3.5 db loss.




As far as I know you can record whatever the Tivo allows



Re: Hauppauge 2650

So that means.....

I do need to have an adaptor in line?

It does communicate back and forth with the M-card?

Will this limit me to being able to record (DVR) only one show at a time?


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A tuning adaptor connects via a usb port and is nothing more than a 2 way splitter with a docsis 2 cable modem attached to it, the output port isn't ethernet but USB


 You insert it between the wall and your tuner cards RG6 "F" connector cable and plug the usb port into your computer.


 It has a CM mac address just like a cable box or cable modem does

 It usually uses an out of band downstream freq around 75 mHz and an upstream in the 18-45mhz range




Hauppauge 2650

Hi all... new to the forum, please excuse any previously answered questions!!

I have a HTPC that I was running a Hauppauge 2250 card as a DVR with media center, it worked great.  Loved it!!!

Now the the advent of the dreaded "Adaptor" this configuration does not work.  I now have a 2650 unit which I intend to get an M-card for this week.  There has been a lot of different experiences out there about how well, or not, the set up went, but some questions are not well addressed.....

1). Will I still need to have an "Adaptor" in line going into the Hauppauge 2650?

2). If so... how does the 2650 communicate with the adaptor to "tune" the channel required when a record event comes up?

3). The 2650 can record (2) events at a time.... will the adaptor allow this ( if an adaptor is in fact required)?

4). What are some of the other issues that other customers like me have had to deal with, in setting up non-TiVo (and alike) systems?

Thanks in advance to any and all informed replies!!