CableCARD TV adapters aren't supposed to get premium channels?

I have a cableCARD tuner which gives a "Subscription Required" on several channels which can be received normally from my cable box connected to my main TV.  Some of these channels that cannot be accessed are:


124 LRW
125 WE
136 ESQ
142 GSN
143 GSN HD

149 RFD
150 RFD HD
151 NGWild


173 BBCA
176 LOGO


209 COOK

214 DIY
221 DEST


I had an online chat with a Time Warner support tech.  They say, "I would like to inform you that you can only get premium channels in cable box. It can not be viewed in Adapters".  I asked if that included cableCARD adapters, and they replied it does.


Is that correct?  Shouldn't access from a cableCARD device be exactly the same as through the cable box?  That is according to this quote found in the cableCARD FAQ:


".. when installed into a TV set or other device, allows you to access digital cable services without the need for a set-top box"