Re: Cable card vs DVR box

On some systems, yes. "Cablecard" used to be a specific device, it is now a communication protocol .

Not all cablecard protocol devices can decode and distribute video to all your devices, I'll bet you'll find that  list is different with dvr's as well.

"Cablecard" was a method to allow a subscriber to get only what they pay for, and there are system specific options as to from where and to what and if they're allowed to be retransmitted, recorded, etc on a per channel basis. Not all the data is duplicated between it, DVR, cable box, DTA, basic cable and the streaming via internet sources. Some is controlled by the program source and could be on a per program basis.And could be even limited to specific types of TV mfg's as well. Hope it never comes to that.... There's already a rift between Microsoft and Apple devices.


TWC presently has 5 different program sources that are not uniform and vary depending what head end you're on. 








Cable card vs DVR box

I have been told I can not get the same channels with a cable card that I can get with the DVR box supplied by TWC. Is this the case?