Re: Alert:Tuner or HDD Unavailable

Having the same issue,no cable,internet, and no one can explain me whats going on. Is there any way to fix it or I need to wait 3 days for the technician

Re: Alert:Tuner or HDD Unavailable

May be a signal issue.

 If you have twc internet, copy and paste the modems signal level and error log pages.

 DO NOT RESET THE MODEM, need the historical data.


 Next, on the cbl remote, hold in the select button for 10 seconds then hit the up arrow. What are the IB levels and the OOB levels?



Alert:Tuner or HDD Unavailable

Several times a week my cable box will stop working and have a message that says Tuner or HDD Unavailable. Tuner or recording being watched is unavailable. This can be due to higher priority activities or HDD overtemp. What in the world does this even mean? I have taken the box back several times and it still does this. I'm tired of paying for TWC and it never works. AT&T will be my next option if no one can tell me what's going on. I'm fed up. No one I. Customer Services can tell me what's wrong!