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Which program....

Hello. I have had Mcafee for the last year and I really like it. I have it installed on all my computers. BUT they want me to pay 79.99 to renew. NO WAY!


What free internet securty program do yall recommend? I have used MSE, Avast and i forget the other one. I know they are not perfect (free) but which one will work? thx.


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Avast or Microsoft security essentials/ defender


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Re: Which program....

I've had Avast Free for years and it's worked well. My older PC with Vista seems to be clear of interruptions. Avast checks email, web, and files. It also looks for rootkits on manual checks. Windows Defender is installed, too. They don't seem to conflict in any ways. Microsoft updates it regularly. Again, I very rarely have issues. I installed Malwarebytes Free, too. The free version can only be run manually which I do about once a month if something seems fishy. Avast upgrade ads can be annoying, but the display duration can be set to 5 seconds and then it disappears.


Re: Which program....



     I use Avast and AVG Free Edition on my systems. Shame they don't have the Linux versions anymore.... Anywho, you can't go wrong with either one.