Security Suite

For the past hour, I've been trying to download Security Suite onto my laptop as my virus protection expired today. Took me forever to get to the Spectrum website again. I typed "Security Suite" in the Search bar and it tells me to go to this other page and click the "Register for Mcafee" button. There is no button. :/
You can also click the link that Spectrum is showing which takes you to a whole other website and it tells you to enter your Spectrum email addy and pw, I believe it was. My email addy? I've been using the same one for five years, yet that site tells me that my email addy is invalid.
I am starting to think the free internet option is a scam. Is it? 


Re: Security Suite

Use microsofts windows defender or use Avast... NcAffee is too intrusive. You also need to uninstall it.


But, any expiration should prompt you for a new version... yeah they may want money...