Is this email supposedly from Time Warner a scam?

received this morning:


Dear Time Warner Cable Customer,

Please be aware that Time Warner Cable has detected signs of botnet traffic being transmitted from a device connected to the cable modem on your Time Warner Cable Internet connection.

Have you noticed any suspicious email account activity, unusual error messages, or unfamiliar browsers? Your computer may be infected by a "bot," malicious software that secretly uses your computer to send spam, host phishing sites, and steal your personal information.

Time Warner Cable is using botnet detection technology and is notifying customers whose computers are found to be communicating servers controlled by criminals.

We recommend that you take steps to clean and secure both your computer(s)and your wireless device(s) to prevent your devices being used by malicious third parties without your knowledge. Please note that this computer may not be the infected device if you have other computers on your home network.

Please visit our self-help Web site once you have read this notice for a suggested course of action, or, should you have further questions, you may call us at 1-855-222-7342.

Thank you for assisting Time Warner Cable Security.

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Re: Is this email supposedly from Time Warner a scam?

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This is not a scam email.


This is a notification that your connection has shown signs of botnet traffic.


Please do take steps to clean and secure the devices on your network. 


If you have any questions please do call  1-855-222-7342 for assistance.


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Re: Is this email supposedly from Time Warner a scam?

I too received this message.


I would like to point out that this looks 100% fake when I recieved it. It isn't sent from https, the number when searched for does not bring up anything remotely about time warner, the domain also does not bring up anything about time warner. I almost deleted it without giving it a second thought, but then decided to call the normal Time Warner number and they directed me to the same phone number from the message. So it actually is real...


I write this as a plea for Time Warner up update this email communication...I imagine many people ignore it as fake.



Re: Is this email supposedly from Time Warner a scam?

I received this email today as well and honestly all sites I go to are trusted for instance I use it for school (school site), for ESPN, and a few news outlets and my wife uses hers for work not ever going to any untrusted sites. We never click on hyperlinks in emails or anything like that with out validating them first and so it is my thought that this is a phishing attempt... my question for time warner is the website for self-help in the email  has twcable as the domain name why is it that I can only find timewarnercable in virtually all domain names but yet you feel that customers should trust this email.  


Re: Is this email supposedly from Time Warner a scam?

We just got this message this morning and it completely looks like a scam.  I would also like it if instead of just directing us to a link you put ideas for how to fix in the email.