Internet Service DISCONNECTED without any phone call or message on the screen!

This late afternoon, suddenly I lost my internet without any notice of ANY kind. My modem appeared to be ok, so was router.


I called Spectrum. the first tech (name?) was VERY rude. He told me one of my PCs-laptop- phone/tablet was infected with BOTNET and 'attacking' other sites! ?No other detail! I told him I run all anti malware and anti viruses programs regularly. He just switched to billing!?


After a while, I called spectrum again. This time another tech - Paul, was nice and couteous and restored my net connection, after explaining the same. It appears some are meant for courtesy customer service!


They really don't know what exactly happening but they just cut the service without any notice!  This is NOT the first time!

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Re: Internet Service DISCONNECTED without any phone call or message on the screen!

Apologies for your frustration.  Our systems are monitored for specific 

signs of Botnet traffic. If this traffic is seen on your connection it is immediately

quarantined. This is for our networks and our customers protection. 


This traffic can come from any of the devices that are connected to your network, 

wired or wireless. If your wireless has been compromised and there are unknown 

devices on your network that may be the issue.  We encourage you to run 

a full scan on ALL devices that connect to your network and change your wireless 

password to ensure that no unknown devices are connected. 


If this is not the first time you have been shut down for suspected Botnet traffic

we would suggest having a professional investigate your devices.


Our DIY Bot Removal information can be found at TWC Guardian


You can go with McAfee through us or you can Fix it Yourself.

Step One:

Download and run these scanners to find malware

The links below will download and run a scanner. Use one or more of these scanners to quickly detect and remove malware. We recommend that you scan all of the computers that use your Internet connection. You can access TWC Guardian by going to

Microsoft MSRT:

Norton Power Eraser:

McAfee Stinger:


Step 2 

Make sure that the operating system on your computer is up to date

Malicious software often takes advantage of computers that are running out of date operating system software. Select the links below to ensure that your operating system includes the most recent operating system updates.

If your operating system DOES need to be updated, you may need to restart your computer. Please bookmark or make a note of this Web site now so you can resume the steps.

Windows Updates:

Windows Firewall:


Step 3: 

Have you installed antivirus software?

New malicious software and computer viruses are created every day. Time Warner Cable offers free McAfee AntiVirus for all its customers. Installing AntiVirus software and keeping it up to date is critical to prevent malicious software from damaging your computer, compromising your personal information or allowing criminals to gain access to your computer.

Do you currently have antivirus software installed on your computer?


 Check for Antivirus Software

Click on the links below for information on how to determine if you already have antivirus software installed, and to download FREE antivirus software if you do not:

Check to see if you already have antivirus software installed

To download and install your McAfee AntiVirus software:



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Re: Internet Service DISCONNECTED without any phone call or message on the screen!

Don't use MacAfee!  That "virus" program CAUSES viruses!  I used it on an old desktop and that desktop was ruined after I downloaded and used MacAfee.