How do I completely opt out of DNSredirect?

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I have tried many different ways but am unable to opt out of the dns redirect service that time warner uses. Selecting the opt-out option does nothing, blocking the website from the router's firewall does nothing, attempting to change DNS made me realize that TW locked the router I bought, so I can't modify the settings. Hence why I have posted here in the security section of the forums.


If anyone can help me remove this POS "service" [read: virus] from my internet experience, I would appreciate it.

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Re: How do I completely opt out of DNSredirect?

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Re: How do I completely opt out of DNSredirect?

If you bought a router, TWC cannot lock you out of anything in it. They stop at the modem


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Re: How do I completely opt out of DNSredirect?

TWC and other ISPs do redirect DNS requests within their infrastructure, not in your edge device; no reconfiguration of your normal modem or router can stop this (but see below).


The inability to disable the "web address error redirect service" has been reported before. As a first escalation I suggest opening a ticket on the TWC Direct forum and requesting assistance. NOTE - you will have to create a free account if you don't have one.


If that escalation doesn't have a positive outcome AND you are willing to be a little geeky, using 'dnscrypt proxy' software will bypass their redirection. The details are here: 

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